Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Embracing my inner Grump..

I’m don’t recall exactly when I first began to realize that my inner grump was starting to show, I used to try to hide my grumpiness from the outside world, for fear of certain persecution. I secretly kept the monster in check, I would try to lay low until that first cup of blissful caffeinated splendor could work its magic and put me in just the right frame of mind to prepare me for the strangeness of the outside world in which I was forced to co exist with people that I had hopelessly lost any connection with. I used to really care what people thought of me, I kept up appearances, minded my manners, and still do to a point, but as I look around me at the world and its oddball inhabitants, I find myself caring less and less. Something happens after 40, or for some people even as early as 30, for me though, the magic number was 40. I began to see things differently, and for better or worse became somewhat less tolerant of them, I spoke my mind more and worried about the consequences of doing so- less. People don’t seem to take personal pride in how they look before they go out in public anymore, some don’t even seem to care if you can smell them coming from six blocks away, they just don’t seem to care anymore.

I know! Here’s a clue; if you are an individual who weighs in excess of 380 lbs and you’re only five foot three maybe skin tight sweat pants and a mid drift baring top isn’t a good fashion choice for you. Its not after all, a look that just anybody can pull off. And while your at it, you might want to re-think the thong underwear that your fat ass keeps swallowing. Just a thought. And somebody tell me when it became fashionable for guys to saunter down the street with half of their ass hanging out of a pair of blue jeans that looks like they are about six sizes too big? Pull your damn drawers up Junior! I don’t want to see your ugly ass unwashed butt crack on my way to the 7-11. Ya know? Some peoples children. Ok I’ll admit it, maybe that came off as just a tad judgmental, and then again maybe its about fucking time somebody spoke up and said something. No Damnit! No more biting my tongue. No more keeping the peace, I shall for now and forever from this day forth not only embrace, but flaunt my inner grump! Ok its feeding time.. You think I’m grumpy when I don’t have my coffee? if I miss my dinner.. I’ll tear this fucking building down with my teeth.


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The Sharer said...

Good to see you writing in something that interests you, my friend......well done!