Monday, February 15, 2010

Grace under pressure?? yeah right... Grace.

It isn’t my fault really, its just a short attention span thing I think. Or it might quite possibly be what I like to call; “the car wreck effect” you know how you’re watching something and you don’t know WHY you’re watching it? You just can’t help yourself, its kinda like passing a car wreck, you know you shouldn’t look but you always do. Last night it was kinda like that for me.. I had just finished watching the Mini series; “Gettysburg” in its entirety on dvd. And I had the sound kinda turned down and I saw that the Olympics were on so I decided to watch. I got up and made coffee and when I came back figure skating was on. Oh maaaan.. Not figure skating.. Well boredom can drive a man to to the unfamiliar at times.. I don’t know why I just watched it.. The first skaters came out and circled the ice gracefully. Guy throws the girl up in the air and she does a triple spin thingy and then lands on her feet. Dude tries to do a circle and falls dead on his ass onto the ice.. BWAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA… hey this ain’t so bad.. Almost kinna like watching hockey… so they finish.. And the next skaters come out and start to circle around the ice all dramatic and graceful like. Dude pulls the hot chick up too his chest, (and I suspect had to fight the urge to put his hand on her butt.) they skate around spinning in circles all dramatic and graceful like annnnnnnnnd… whoooooooop!
Dude falls dead on his ass!. BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA… ahem… I mean tough break there cookie. All and all in the short time that I watched probably three skaters fell.. And the announcers blamed it on the ice. You know guys.. If you are in Vancouver this year going for the gold medal in figure skating for whatever country you choose to represent. It would probably help if you actually KNEW how to skate… just a thought.

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Bella said...

I hate everything too, damnit!