Sunday, February 14, 2010

Another Useless Holiday!

Ahhhh.. Valentines Day.. The pride & joy of sappy ass greeting card companies everywhere.. A day when even normal people who don’t want anything to do with it are inundated with a cascade of wishy washy horseshit… seriously now who in the fuck invented this happy sappy horse shit? it’s a conspiracy I tell you.. The jewelry stores.. The frickin greeting card companies.. Fucking Russell Stovers.. They’re all in on it together.. Its one big conspiracy.. I say to you that Valentines day is NOT a real holiday, and should be wiped from the ass of humanity for all time.. So tell me.. Do the banks all close when Valentines day falls on a weekday or Saturday? Well? Do they?? Huh? DO THEY??….. Nnnnnn… nope.. Do they give anybody the day off of work because its fucking Valentines day? WELL DO THEY???…. Nnnnnnnn…….Nope… do federal workers get the day off?… do they close the stores??…. Does your town shut down BECAUSE ITS FUCKING VALENTINES DAY??… nnnnnnnnnn…….. Nope… and DO YOU KNOW WHY??? Because it isn’t a REAL FUCKING HOLIDAY!!… Christmas is a holiday… New Years Day is a holiday…. Thanksgiving is a holiday… Easter… Mothers Day… Fathers Day… Memorial Day… Veterans Day…. Presidents day…. These are REAL HOLIDAYS!!.. Valentines day is a fraud born of commercialism.. “So.. What are you getting me for Valentines Day?” let me just tell you this.. If your honey truly loves you they will sit you down and tell you the simple truth.. “Nothing Honey.. Because the day that I need to be reminded by Hallmark or fucking Jared’s Jewelry store, or some chocolate company that you are the most important thing in my life is the day I’ll take out my gun and shoot myself in the head.” you don’t need a special day to send someone flowers.. Or buy them a box of chocolates.. Or to buy them a piece of jewelry to offer them as a token of your love.. You can do that ANYTIME.. All you really need is the inspiration and the will to do so.
What a fraud.
And I Repeat.. Its NOT a Holiday!

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Bella said...

ya know this is soooo frickin true!