Saturday, May 22, 2010

To Zen And Back..

I knew a man, not one in particular, just a man, who never figured himself for much of anything special. Worked two jobs, had a wife, a child, plus a mortgage and a small pile of credit card debt that managed over a brief period of time to keep his head down and his eyes focused straight forward, blinders firmly in place, never seeing what was around him. Go to the office for eight miserable hours in the morning, come home in the afternoon and turn around and go to job number two for another eight. Five or sometimes even six days a week, leaving the little woman to pay the bills while he slaved away. What was her name? damn he could barely remember his kids name or his own, let alone hers. Too many lives with too many bills, and barely enough money to pay them, barely enough to keep a roof over their heads. Too many people, too many lives passing them by way too soon. Never seeing, never smelling, never once realizing what is around them, there are too many flowers to stop and smell, too many kids to listen to all of their laughter, or to see their smiles every morning, too many puppies chasing after too many kittens, too many family Barbeques when you couldn’t afford steaks, but hamburgers and hot dogs will do. Too many sunrises and sunsets to be missed with your husband or wife by your side, too much life missed.

A man died today, no not in the physical sense, in the sense that something inside of him died, like his soul, his spirit, his very essence had been stripped from him, like some piece of repossessed property. He died inside, from the lack of pure oxygen, from never being able to loosen his tie, or to really take a slow deep delicious breath of air, to stop and breathe in the fragrance of life. He died from the lack of Joy, of promise, of hope, living without living life. Stop.. what are you doing? Look.. Just look right there. You didn’t even see it did you?. You miss so much life when your head is down like that. Right outside that ridiculous cubicle that you slave away in everyday, just walk over to the window, open it up once in awhile. There. Right out there, there’s a whole world that you may never know, that you may never see. Just stop. Just look.. Listen. Just feel like you are alive inside, really alive and part of it all, part of something beyond the understanding of wealth and power, beyond their constraints. Just open the fucking window and breathe. It won’t cost you anything, I promise. A man died today, not in a physical sense, he died because he was so busy trying to make a living that he forgot to do any living. A man died today, and the truly sad thing is he didn’t have to.

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