Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Brave Young Lads

We wandered in the fields of gold,
In the places of our birth,
Never questioning the values,
Of what our lives were worth.

Then the overlords came calling,
And took us to a place,
They gave us guns, and wars to wage,
And stripped our youth away.

Now they don’t teach us to live,
And they don’t teach us to learn,
And they don’t tell us the reasons,
Of why our hunger burns.

Just stand in silence, get in line,
And place your freedom on the shelf,
You’re a number now, you’re property,
And there’s no thinking for yourself.

My eyes have seen the coming,
Of the Modern age,
Where brave young lads
Stand shouldered,
In the midst of gun smoke haze.

And cultural indifference
Lay mixed in pools of blood,
I’m finished now
Now I just wanna go home.
Please let me go home.

~Based on the short story Brave Young Lads by A Timmons.~

~Scratch A.B.T. copyright © 2010~

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